Thursday, 26 October 2017

Waitrose news!

Hello! Waitrose have released a whole new range of vegan (as part of vegetarian) foods! Some of this is currently on offer, so I'm telling you about it!

First, they've released Vivera products, which I believe was previously only easily accessible via Ocado. In my local store, this is on offer, with the pulled veggie and shawarma kebab packs going down to £2.24 from a previous price. However online it doesn't suggest this is a reduction. On Ocado the pulled veggie is £3.29 so this suggests it is a reduced price...Who knows?! Either way, it'll save money to not have to add it to a £40+ shop on Ocado, which is nice!

They also have some ready made meals available that are vegan. Woohoo! This includes a green thai curry (no fish involved, how awesome?!) and chilli made with soya mince. However these aren't on offer and feel quite pricey at £3.00, although not as bad as some, so I'll just leave this as a little side note.

Hope this helps!

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