Sunday, 26 August 2018

Plant milks!

Hello! Sorry it's been a while since I've written a proper blog post, but I'm back! Well, I've had a good idea for one! I was in Asda and noticed a 'new' own brand oat milk. So it got me thinking, where are the cheapest plant milks?! Well, hopefully this blog will answer it, and maybe a bit more. I'll be comparing the 4 main supermarkets of Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda, looking at soya, oat, almond, rice and coconut milk (plus some notable mentions). Tiny disclaimer in bold: I have not tried all the milks I'm suggesting. If there is vitamin D in the milk, I have done my best to check it is from vegan sources. Let's get to business!


Cheapest I've found: Tesco unsweetened Everyday Value longlife at 59p
                                Asda smartprice unsweetened longlife at 59p

Others to note: Morrisons do a sweetened and unsweetened longlife for 60p each.


Cheapest I've found: Asda's new own brand longlife oat milk at £1

Others to note: Alpro frequently have offers on oat milk, for example, when I made this post, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco had Alpro longlife oat milk for £1.


Cheapest I've found: Sainsburys longlife (both sweetened and unsweetened) at £1 permanently.
                                Asda have a variety of fresh and longlife, sweetened and unsweetened own brand                                        almond milk for £1
Others to note: Alpro is again often on offer, with Tesco selling the Alpro roasted almond longlife milk for £1 as I type this!


Cheapest I've found: There appears to surprisingly be no 'cheap' rice milk. However as I type this, Rice Dream is on offer for £1 in Morrisons and Alpro is £3 for 3 there too.


Cheapest I've found: Asda chilled free from coconut milk at 97p

Others to note: Tesco currently have Alpro longlife coconut milk for £1, (as do Sainsburys and Morrisons) and Koko dairy free chilled at £2 for 2. Morrisons also have Coconut dream for £1 and appear to sell fresh Alpro coconut milk for £1 all the time (not an offer price!).

Hope this helps a little. If anyone chooses to say 'veganism is so expensive!' feel free to point this blog at them, tapping the 59p soya milk, then staple a print out to their forehead. No don't. Please don't. ;-)