Monday, 22 January 2018

Ms Cupcake Veganuary £5 offer!

Hello! After the ending of their previous Veganuary offer, Ms Cupcake have another lovely offer for all postal orders! Using the code 'Veganuary5' you can gt £5 off your postal order! Head here to see what is available: Ms Cupcake online shop  This offer runs out on the 4th February.

Don't forget there is postage to consider, however with this offer, you could consider your order postage free depending on how much you buy, so it may be a good time to buy some bakes!

Hope this helps!

Monday, 15 January 2018

VBites Veganuary bundle!

Hello! VBites have been offering a delicious Veganuary bundle for just £15.00! In this you get 8 items, including rashers, sausages, burgers, mince, fish style steaks, duck style pieces, a recipe book and a mystery item! I previously haven't posted about this as I felt the postage made it too expensive, but they have now announced FREE DELIVERY until 26th January!! Woohoo! This is on all orders over £15 (which is the minimum spend anyway so that works well).

To purchase a bundle, just head here: Veganuary starter kit

Hope this helps!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Vegan Town Veganuary offer!

Hello! Delicious treats sellers Vegan Town are offering a lovely 10% off all orders for Veganuary! Just head here: Vegan Town and use the code 'VEGANUARY' at the checkout. Vegan Town offer a wide range of tasty products including a massive range of vegan chocolate from a variety of countries, as well as lots of sweets and biscuits! This discount also works on their chocolate treats box (however it appears to take 20% off before VAT is added, so bear this in mind).

There is delivery to consider, which starts at £3.95, or is free on orders over £45. This may be a good way to try some hard to get chocolates, or have a little taster of everything if you've only recently become vegan!

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Ms Cupcake Veganuary offer

Hello! Popular bakery Ms Cupcake is offering a tasty Veganuary offer until the 21st January! Using the code 'Veganuary20' you can get 20% off your postal order! Just head here to see what you can buy, including cookies and tray bakes: Ms Cupcake

Don't forget postage costs when considering the cost of your order!

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Veggiestuff Schlagfix Half Price Offer!

Hello! I've got a pretty big deal to tell  you about!

For the next 21 days (So until the end of the month basically!) the popular webstore Veggie Stuff are offering half price on ALL Schlagfix creams! All of them! So this includes the spray cream, small whipping creams and large whipping creams. Just head here to see the range: Schlagfix creams See below to learn of my love for this product. There is postage to consider, which appears to range between £3.85-£5.99 depending on what's in your basket, however if you are planning to stock up I feel this is worth it.

Schlagfix is the cream I recommend to everyone and am trying hard to get it into more store via Coffee and Cheese vegan distributors. I have tried Soyatoo and it just doesn't cut it for me. I use the spray can of Schlagfix on items such as hot chocolates, or fruit (with aquafaba meringues!) and I use the unsweetened whipping cream (and sweeten it myself) for things such as banoffee pies, trifles, scones with jam and cream. It's very versatile and for this price it's a bargain! Even with postage it's a good offer I think. I will say, if you have trouble with the spray cream, dip the can in hot water for a few minutes and it should spray nicely.

Hope this helps!

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Beyond Skin Sale!

Hello! Popular shoe company Beyond Skin are having a sale! You can currently get up to 60% off a range of styles including over the knee boots and a variety of heels. Just head here: Beyond Skin A big bonus is FREE DELIVERY! Woohoo! Some of the styles available are below!

As I've said previously about shoes, they are expensive but should be considered more of an investment that will last you longer than the cheaper chain store shoes. I don't have any experience with Beyond Skin shoes (but they have a good reputation!) so I'm afraid I can't give any information on what size to choose.

Hope this helps!

Vegetarian Shoes Sale!

Hello! Popular vegan shoe makers 'Vegetarian Shoes' have added a wide range of styles to their sale!You can get trainers, to sandals, boots to pumps. Prices vary, ranging from £27.95 to £89.95.
Just head here to see what's available in the sale: Vegetarian Shoes Below is just some of what is on sale. Please consider postage too!

These shoes are expensive compared to ones you can buy in chain stores, however I feel they should be considered as an investment. They are more like say Dr Martens in that they're long lasting, but with the ethical bonus! I have 2 pairs and so far I could not be happier with them. I found that the sizes are true, so if you aren't able to get to their shop in Brighton, I would buy your normal size.

Hope this helps!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Besos de Chocolate drink Veganuary offer!

Hello! Popular vegan Baileys alternative, Besos food and drinks (who make Besos de Oros) have a Veganuary offer on their new chocolate version! They are offering 18% off if you buy through their website (just click here to get to it: This reduces it from £21 to £17.22.

There is postage to consider, which for 1 bottle brings the price back up to £21.12, so best to consider this offer more as 'free postage' on a drink you already want! Which is still a nice little bonus!

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Restaurant offers!

Hello! With it now being January, you'll likely see a fair few restaurant offers. Here's some of them! Don't forget about Tesco vouchers for restaurants including Ask and Zizzi too!


For both offers, you need a voucher, so head here to get one:

Tuesday to Thursday and up to 5pm Friday Zizzi are offering 25% off all food for this week (until 5th January). There are a few restaurants that this isn't available in, so I've added the Ts and Cs below for an easy check. This also excludes set menus (however there is a set menu offer which I'll post about next!). What's also quite exciting is that they have released a new 'special' pizza, called 'arcobaleno' which can be made vegan! This features pink beetroot, sunblush tomatoes, spinach and avocado. It's vegetarian, just ask to swap the cheese.

As I mentioned, there is also a set menu, where you can get 3 courses all day every day until 31st January for £15.95. Being a set menu, you can only choose from certain dishes, however vegan options are available for each course! Here's the menu and Ts and Cs for this.


For this offer, you require a voucher:

Ask are offering 50% off all main courses! This is Sunday to Friday all day (so just not Saturday) until the 7th January 2018. A few branches are not included, so please see below for the terms and conditions.

Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas have a range of offers, including Mexican Monday (2 for 1 Mexican mains!), Taco Tuesday (2 for 1 Taco planks), Nacho Average Wednesday (2 for 1 nachos) and Brill Brazil Thursday (main course and cocktail for £13.95). Very nice!

Hope this helps!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Pulsin Veganuary bundles!

Hello! It's Veganuary! Yay! Good luck to everyone going vegan this year.

Pulsin are sponsors of Veganuary and this year have 2 very helpful bundles available to buy.

The first is a small bundle containing 2 brownies, 2 protein bars, 2 beond bars, 2 porridge bars and a 'kids' fruity oat bar, as well as a small sachet of protein powder and a recipe book. This is just £7.99 and includes FREE SHIPPING! Woohoo!

The second is a mega bundle containing *deep breath in*: 1kg pea protein, 12 protein bars, 12 choc brownies, 12 porridge oat bars, 16 beond bars, 3 'kids' fruity bars multipacks (so 15 bars) and the recipe booklet. This is all £45 again with free postage. WOW!

Just head here to buy you bundle:

Hope this helps!