Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ms Cupcake end of season sale!

Hello! The fabulously popular Ms Cupcake is having an end of season sale! This means that until the 2nd of March (this Friday), a good few products have 20% off! This includes brownies, muffins cookies, cookie sandwiches and traybakes/squares. Yum!

Just head here: Ms Cupcake online shop and click on the product you would like to buy. Then if you're on a computer you will see the flavours and reductions on the right hand side, if you're on a mobile device you can scroll to the bottom to see the reductions.

There is a great selection in the offer, including refined sugar free muffins. Don't forget to consider postage when purchasing items.

Perhaps this could make a lovely Mother's Day treat! ;-)

Hope this helps!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Love Seitan Cajun Offer!

Hello! Popular (and delicious) Love Seitan have a new flavour...Cajun! What's more, they've knocked £2 off a block as a special offer until 25th February, making it £12.95 for 800g. Wahey! This is a new flavour which was very popular at Vegan Life Live.

Just head here to purchase: Love Seitan

Love Seitan provide free shipping on orders over £20, otherwise it's £2.00. So bear this in mind when purchasing.

Hope this helps!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Moo Free Egg Offers!

Hello! It's alarmingly only 6 (ish) weeks away until Easter! This means eggs are coming into stores and online thick and fast at the moment. Luckily, this also means some nice offers to get your favourite eggs at a nicer price!

Moo Free chocolate, chocolate orange and bunnycomb eggs are currently on offer in 2 places. The most easily accessible for most people is 3 for £10 in Morrisons! This offer is on offer until 1st April, taking us right up to Easter Sunday. Wahey!

If this deal doesn't work for you, online vegan treat sellers Vegan Town also have Moo free eggs on sale, with 10% off. This offer is on over this weekend (starting 16th Feb). Don't forget to consider the postage costs with this purchase, which is £3.95. Just head here: Vegan Town

Hope this helps!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Lidl veggie week 15th Feb!

Hello! Lidl are going to be running a Veggie week again! Yay! This was very popular last time, plus the prices were pretty good! This will run from 15th February (Thursday) until the following Wednesday, however last time they sold out of most things in many stores before the week ended! Below is the spread in their in-store paper to show what will be available.

IT'S NOT ALL VEGAN!! However last time the falafel and soya protein pieces were suitable (the nuggets were not! Also the Quorn is not either) and it's all clearly marked with a vegan logo.

Thank you Emily Curcio (via the 100% Vegan Products UK Facebook group) for the use of your photo!

Hope this helps!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Vegan festival tips!

EDIT: for London Vegfest here is the exhibitor list with some offers each stall is doing:

Here's a few of my tips to make the most of vegan festivals. Often stalls have particularly good offers, or they are companies which may usually be hard to purchase from, so festivals are a great place to try new products, as well as save money from offers and no postage costs! 
  • Bring backpacks, even small suitcases depending on what you want to buy. Things get heavy, especially milks/jars of mayo/too many sausages, so it's much better to pack it into a back pack of wheelable suitcase. If you choose a suitcase, it's a good idea to buy the heavy things first, then put the cases away into the cloakroom and enjoy your day bag free (plus it gets busy so it's nice for others too)!
  • Bring tupperware! This helps the planet as it means the stalls with food don't have to use their own packaging for things you want to eat. Often these are biodegradable such as using Vegware or cardboard boxes, but it's still better not to use anything single use at all. HOWEVER! The other benefit is if you see lots you want to try but you're full up, you can easily take it home for next day's meal (...or breakfast). I do this everywhere I go and no one has minded one bit, most stalls appreciate it and some even give me a little something extra!
  • Make a list of what you want before you go. Obviously you'll want to see every stall (and sample every type of chocolate and cheese going), but by making a list you can make sure you get the lovely items you want easier.
  • Check the online prices of things you want before you go. Usually everything is cheaper at a festival, but you may find there is no price difference or may even be a little more expensive. So by having an idea in your head of what's good value, you can spend more sensibly. 
  • Try and get there early! I always aim to get there for when the festivals open so that I can walk round the stalls a little easier before it gets too busy (which is also a little nicer for everyone if you do bring a suitcase). 
  • Obviously, enjoy every bit! See something you like the look of. Try it! Want to eat (another) box of mac and cheese, go for it! 
  • If you're around late on the last day (Sunday usually) often things get reduced as companies don't want to or can't take stock home, so have another look around to see if your favourites are further reduced. I've known some popular brands being given away for free at one event!

Hope this helps!

Monday, 5 February 2018

Besos Valentine's offer!

Hello! Besos Food and Drink, who make a popular Baileys style drink and more, have a great Valentine's Day offer! Until 12th February, for every £21 bottle of Besos de Chocolate bought, you also get four bars of their chocolate! You get one of each of the following flavours: orange, banana, blackberry and salted caramel chocolate bars.

Just head here: Besos Food and Drink

There are postage charges of £3.90, however the bundle would be £33 separately so if this appeals to you, you can save just over £8.

Hope this helps!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Sgaia vegan Mheats offer!

Hello! Due to February being a short month, Sgaia are offering 10% off their products! Just head here: Sgaia Mheats and use the code 'SHORTMONTH' for the discount!

Offer ends 28th February. Delivery is £3.99 for orders up to 2kg, with £1 added for every kg after.

I appreciate the costs aren't exactly money saving, but I'm posting this as the brand is a very popular one, so every little helps, right?? :-)

Hope this helps!

White Rabbit Skincare Valentine's offer!

Hello! Lovely skincare brand White Rabbit Skincare have a great Valentine's day offer! If you enter the code 'LOVE25' you can get 25% off your order! Just head here: White Rabbit Skincare

The offer ends 14th February. They also offer FREE second class postage! Woohoo!

Hope this helps!

Moo Free Christmas chocolate sale!

Hello! Moo Free have an outlet type place where broken products and out of season products are sold. At the moment, they are selling Moo Free Santas and Snowmen and 15 for £10. This is a pretty good offer, however these packs are on buy 2 get 1 free! So you can get 45 bars for £20! Yay!

Just head here: where you can find the Santas and Snowmen, as well as other tasty offers! Postage is £3.99 or free over £30. Expiry dates are November 2018 for the Christmas stock.

It's worth checking this website every so often as offers are frequently added.

Hope this helps!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Ocado vegan offers!

Hello! Ocado have a lot of offers on vegan product at the moment. These include:

  • their new vegan 'meat' style packs and 'cheese' at buy 2 save 20%
  • Alpro milks at 3 for £4
  • Alpro Go On puddings reduced to 70p
  • Rebel kitchen mylks 3 packs 2 for £5
  • 'Bol' lunch pots 2 for £5
There's a whole heap more to have a look at too! Just head here for everything: Ocado vegan

Don't forget minimum spend is £40 and there may be a delivery charge to include. However also don't forget to check sites such as voucher codes to see if there is an offer that suits you!

Hope this helps!