Monday, 18 March 2019

Easter 2019!

Hello! It's slowly creeping up, it's bouncing back into our weekend's Easter! *pop* As I do each year (although, I've only been around for 2 of them!) Here's a little round up of nifty gifty bits and bobs which don't break the bank/are good value for what they are.

All round good'un: Daffodils! Most supermarkets sell daffodils bundles for just £1, or you can get things like little tubs of tete a tetes (the tiny ones) for around £1-2. These may be a good gift for someone who doesn't like chocolate, or just for yourself to brighten up the place.


Asda have this lovely looking trio of milky style, white and dark chocolate eggs for £4.50. Looks nice as a gift on it's own, or could be split up.

Morrisons also have their own eggs, for £2.50 you can get an egg with truffles, in milky, white or dark.

Morrisons Free From Chocolate Easter Egg & Orange Discs

Morrisons Free From White Chocolate Egg & Discs

Morrisons Free From Chocolate Egg & Truffles

Often Morrisons do a 3 for £10 on Moo Free eggs too. This hasn't happened yet but if it does, I'll update the blog!

Sainsbury's have milky and white, but also strawberry and white chocolate. Each are £3.50, so getting a bit expensive, but interesting flavour!

They also have 'Rhythm' mini egg bags for £1.25. I think you get 6 mini eggs.

Holland and Barrett have their own milk style egg for £2.99, which includes a little chocolate bar.

Holland & Barrett Milk Chocolate Style Egg with Bunny Bar 110g

H and B also have Plamil/So Free products, such as these mini half eggs and larger white chocolate egg, both £2.99.

Plamil Milk Chocolate Alternative Mini Half Eggs 65g

So Free White Chocolate Alternative Egg 100g

Non-egg chocolate!

Moo free have some lovely little chocolate bars of 'Rosie Rabbit' for around 99p depending on where you buy it (Asda are 99p!)

Moo Free Organic Rosie Rabbit Chocolate Bar

Asda also has this bigger bunny for £3!

ASDA Free From Choc Easter Bunny

Whatcha think?! Lots to choose from this year, it's always expanding, which is great! Have I missed anything? If so, let me know and I'll add it and credit you!

Hope this helps!