Monday, 9 October 2017

Follow Your Heart has landed!!

Hello! If you haven't heard, Follow Your Heart now has 3 products in Sainsburys! Yaaaaay! It is their original vegenaise, honey mustard dressing and caesar dressing.

You may be thinking 'how is this saving me money you mad magpie??' Well, 2 ways! Firstly, I know a large number of people travel to get their jars of vegenaise. With it being in a major supermarket, this could save a lot of time and money in travel. Secondly, the jar is only £2.50! The two dressings are £3.25. Considerably cheaper than some places.
However, I appreciate that people like to support their local independent stores, this is just for information for those who would like to buy it from a supermarket.

This news was first released by blogger Fat Gay Vegan, you can see his post here:

I don't believe there is currently a list of stores that stock them, but as soon as there is, I'll update this post as quickly as possible!  Here's the store list (thanks again to Fat Gay Vegan!):

If you can't find it in your shop (it should be in the fridge section with their vegan cheeses), try asking the customer service desk as they can look up when it should be coming in or if it's out the back of the store and not yet on the shelves.

Hope this helps!

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