Monday, 30 October 2017

VBites reduced!

VBites have some lovely offers and packages (see further down for the winter warmer offer!) in their online store right now! This includes (deep breath in...):

Vegideli beef style strips now 50p
Gourmet burgers now £1.00
Fish style fingers now £1.00
Southern fried chicken style pieces now £1.00
Fish style cakes now £1.00

They all have a short shelf life (but perfectly fine to get them shipped to you still in date!) however they can all be frozen. Wahey!

VBites are also currently offering a lovely sounding 'winter warmer' pack for just £20.00. This includes blue style cheezly, mozzarella style cheezly, lincolnshire style sausages, chicken style pieces, beef style pieces, meat free meatballs, meat free mince, beef style pasties and a gammon style and leek quiche. Very nice!

VBites have a minimum order value of £15.00 and shipping costs range from £5.50 for orders up to £49.99, £3 for orders £50.00 to £99.99 or free for orders over £100. Please do consider this when placing an order! (Also for Saturday delivery it's £10).

Hope this helps!

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