Saturday, 29 April 2017

Zizzi Bank Holiday Offer!

Hello! Vegan friendly restaurant Zizzi have a great bank holiday offer if you're feeling in the mood for some tasty food! (Sorry). You can currently get a free pudding with any main on Sunday 30th April or Monday 1st May if you print off a voucher. Just go here: and enter your local restaurant, then find the bank holiday offer for a free pudding.

Enter your details and they'll send you your voucher. The Ts and Cs are nice and simple, so I've taken a screen shot (below)

So if you fancy a pizza (or pasta, I've been told they also do pasta whilst I ate too much pizza), use this voucher to then get a free sticky chocolate and praline torte! YUM! So you could get a pizza and a pudding for just £9.95!

Don't forget, if this voucher doesn't suit you, Zizzi also accept Tesco Boost vouchers. Info on this can be found here:

Hope this helps!

Vegusto Bank Holiday Offer!

Hello! Delicious cheese makers Vegusto have a special Bank Holiday offer on their popular Piquant cheese 200g packs (my favourite of their cheeses)! Just head over to their site ( add the number of piquants you want to your basket and when you check out enter the code: PIQUANTOFFER5Y to get £1.25 off each pack you buy. This makes them just £3.74, which is an excellent price! This offer ends 1st May at midnight.

(Photo from their website, however if you make use of this deal you could take a photo like this too! *winkwink*)

Don't forget to add postage to your total costs. Vegusto also advise that orders will be shipped Tuesday 2nd May for next day delivery.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Fry's ice cream Ocado offer!

Hello! After the excellent Fry's deal Ocado recently ran... THEY'VE ONLY GONE AND PUT ON ANOTHER AWESOME OFFER! This time it's on all 5 of Fry's new vegan ice creams, now half price. They were £4.99, but now they are just £2.49. This is a great way to try them if you want to, but didn't want to pay a riskily higher amount. The offer is on until 16/05/2017. Woohoo!

Don't forget to also check to see if there is a money off coupon available that suits you!

There are also a few good other deals on vegan products at Ocado right now, such as 3 for £6 on Quorn vegan products, reduced Koko dairy free milk and 2 for £5 on Soupologie soups, so you could get a great deal on your whole shop *or £80 on ice cream...just putting it out there (I'm not really!)* ;-)

Hope this helps!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Moo free offer

Hello! Waitrose have a good offer for Moo free chocolate. OooooOOOooo!

Until the 16th May, all Moo free products are buy one get one half price. This includes small bars and chocolate drops!

UPDATE: I went to my local Waitrose to realise that most free from items are buy one get one half price. Woohoo!

Hope this helps!

Zizzi offers

Hello! Zizzi have a couple of offers happening that I thought people would like to know about! If you haven't heard of them before, they were the first chain (that I know of!) that offered a vegan pizza with vegan cheese! Vegan cheese!! They also have pasta dishes, a nice amount of sides and starters, as well as a chocolate praline torte for pudding. They often refresh parts of their vegan menu when their main menu changes, so are always a good restaurant to keep an eye on!

As well as the offers below, don't forget Zizzi are part of clubcard boost. More info on this can be found here:

The first offer starts Sunday 23rd April and gives you 30% off all mains! You need to enter your local restaurant in order to get the correct terms and conditions for your Zizzi.

They also have a great offer in their email sent out today. If you refer a friend, you get a £10 voucher, your friend will get a £10 voucher if they're a new subscriber, or £5 if they're already subscribed. This voucher is £10 off a £25 meal. Not bad!

Hope this helps!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Hotel Chocolat sale!

Hello! As with most places that sell eggs, Hotel Chocolat is having an 'end of season' sale. Included in this is their vegan range! Yaaay cheaper chocolate!

Just go here: This should have already applied the vegan filter.

I can't find an end for this sale, I assume it would be until they sell out, which I expect will be soon! However they do have some vegan items left as I'm posting this. There is postage so don't forget to factor this into your price, or it may be worth going to one of their shops if you can!

EDIT: These Easter chicks don't appear on the vegan sales page, so here's the link for them (Oooooh! sneaky savings!):

As always, please check you're happy with the price you're paying.

Hope this helps (and no one is disappointed if they sell out quickly)! I would love to see pics if anyone buys anything from this via Twitter or comment below!

*Hops off...trips up on a rock* :-)

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Ocado Frys offer is ending!

Hello! I previously posted about Ocado offering Fry's vegan food for half price! Well this offer is coming to an end, on the 18th April (you have just a couple of days left!) So I thought I'd post it one last time so no one misses out.

The Fry's range can be found here:

Also there are always vouchers about on places such as so check here to see if one suits you (based on the minimum spends for them)!

Please check you're happy with the price before you buy.

Hope this helps! Would love to see pics of what you bought from this offer, if you fancy posting them on my Twitter page ( or below!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Oatly on offer! Including foamable

Hello! Tesco have an offer at the moment on Oatly long life milks, including Foamable!

Original, Organic, Chocolate AND Foamable have all been reduced to £1.20 until 2nd May 2017. This is a pretty good deal on 3 of the Oatlys, but an amazing deal on Foamable as this is usually £1.80.

EDIT: There are more places with Oatly on offer! Waitrose! You can get Oatly original longlife for £1.05, Oatly chocolate or organic for £1.12 and Oatly Foamable for £1.35. These are all until 18th April.

Sainsbury's also have an Oatly offer. All types are £1.20, saving you 60p on Foamable. This offer is until 25th April 2017.

So if you like Oatly, particularly Foamable, now is the time to stock up. If you buy it from Tesco or Sainsbury's, buying 2 saves you the price of 1!

Hope this helps!

Vegusto sale! Again!

Hello! The lovely Vegusto have extended their sale that was on over last weekend to cover this weekend now! You can get 20% off all Vegusto products (not other companies that they sell though), excluding their prepacked items.

Just head here: and enter this code at the checkout: 12VEGUSTOALL. offer ends midnight Monday 17th April.

As always please check you're happy with the price before you buy.

You get a vegan cheese and You get a vegan cheese, everyone gets vegan cheese!! :-)

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Greenbay supermarket offer!

Hello. In 2016 a new shop opened in London- Greenbay supermarket. This is an entire vegan shop for your grocery needs. They have now launched an online shop-yay!- and for a limited time they have an offer running.

Just go here: and when you checkout use the code GREENLAUNCH10 to get 10% off your order. They also have free P&P on orders over £55. They have a vast array of wonderful products, from treats to store cupboard items. So this may be a great way to stock up on harder to find items (with a little deal thrown in!). I can't find an end date, but all the time the banner (shown below) is at the top of their site it should be valid.

As always, please check you're happy with the price before you buy!

Hope this helps!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Let's get Nakd!

Hello! I have a feeling the title of this blog is exactly the jokes they were hoping for when they named their company.
Anyway, Nakd have a special offer on their celebration box. This features 18 snacks, both bars and raisins, for just £10.00! This makes them 0.56p each if divided directly, which isn't bad at all! Offer lasts until 19/04/2017 and includes free postage! My two favourite words in the money saving dictionary ;-)

Just go here: 

The box features: 2 x Cola Raisins, Cherry Raisins, Lime Raisins, Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Berry Cheeky, Strawberry Crunch, Apple Crunch, Banana Crunch, 2 x Cocoa Orange, 2 x Berry Delight, Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Delight, Rhubarb and Custard and Caffe Mocha.

Hope this helps! 

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Vegusto Sale!

Hello! The popular people Vegusto are having an Easter sale!

Just go to and use the code 09VEGUSTOALL when you check out to receive 20% off all Vegusto items (not other brands they sell on their site). This code doesn't work on bundles they've pre made. Sale ends Monday 10th April 2017.

Just think of all that cheese you could get! I can taste it now...because I am sitting here with a cheese sandwich... at 10:46am? Yes. Hehe!

Hope this helps!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Easter Egg Deals!

Hello! It's Easter next week and this year has been a particularly good year for vegan Easter Eggs. Since I'm all about saving money, I thought I'd share the deals I know of for Easter Eggs ready for next weekend.

Asda: Asda have a great deal of Kinnerton Easter Eggs which also feature their dark chocolate bar. This is 3 for £10, instead of £5.00 each. So basically buy 2 get one free. I don't know when this runs out.

Morrisons: Morrisons have Moo Free Easter Eggs (bunnycomb is a popular one!) for 3 for £10.00 instead of £4.00 each. If you like these, this is a good deal! Offer is on until 18/04/2017.

Tesco: Tesco have 3 of their own brand eggs on offer. Their eggs with buttons are on offer at 2 for £3.00, usually £2.50 each and their finest caramel egg with truffles is now £3.50 instead of £4.00. They're on offer until 18/04/2017 as well.

Waitrose: New addition! Waitrose also have Moo Free Easter Eggs on offer at 3 for £7.00 until 18/04/2017. This isn't quite as good as Morrisons, but if you don't need or want 3 eggs, this is great! Usually £4.25 from Waitrose. Plus Waitrose have all three flavours online!

Hope this helps! Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my Tummy!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Useful loyalty cards!

Hello! I thought I'd write a little post all about the useful loyalty cards I know of which can help save money.

Tesco Clubcard: As you may already know, I love clubcard vouchers. See the benefits here:
It's very simple to get points, just by shopping in Tesco. Plus if you have a debit or credit card with Tesco, you can get more points instore, plus points when you shop elsewhere. So technically, you can go and eat in Zizzi, pay with your debit/credit card, get points to go towards your next meal, eat free! Woohoo!

Nectar card: Again, this is mainly with a supermarket, this time Sainsburys. You get points for shopping and can spend them on shopping purchases as well as restaurants, including Pizza Express.

Superdrug Beautycard: Collect points by shopping in Superdrug, who have a vast range of own brand, vegan labelled, cruelty free products (really worth a look if you didn't know this!). They'll also send you exclusive deals and offers which will give you more points (I got an extra 500 points for any purchase once, which equals £5.00). You an then spend these on your favourite vegan products there! They build up quite quickly too if you use Superdrug as your main place for toiletries/cosmetics. Yay!

Body Shop Love Your Body card: This works like the others, buy products you like and gather points. The good one about this though is if you buy just one product before your birthday, they'll send you a £5.00 voucher, no minimum spend. This is a great bonus if you have a favourite item you buy even once a year!

A lot of independent stores also have loyalty schemes and cards, such as my favourite bubble tea shop has a stamp card, as does my doughnut shop. It's always worth asking as they worst they'll do is say 'no', but it may put a thought into their mind. Win win for everyone!

Remember not to get wrapped up in all the fancy deals unless you actually need the products on offer! Hope this has helped. Please let me know if I've missed any good cards.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Supermarket weekly roundup! 03/04/2017

Hello! Here's this weeks round up. Don't forget to check you're happy with the price before buying.

Other chilled
Store cupboard
Sweet treats
Bath and body products


What: Alpro UHT soya and rice milks 1 litre
Deal: 4 for £4.00, usually £1.29-£1.40

What: Original Source shower gels
Deal: 2 for £2.00, usually £1.50

What: Sunpat peanut butters 454g
Was/is: £2.79/£2.00

What: Trek Oat protein flapjacks 4 packs, various flavours
Was/is: £2.49/£2.00

What: Meridian smooth almond butter170g
Was/is: £3.98/£2.98

What: Dorset cereals muesli 850g, various vegan flavours available
Was/is: £3.49/£3.00

What: Meridian smooth cashew butter 170g
Was/is: £2.98/£2.23

What: Rice dream organic UHT 1 litre
Was/is: £1.38/£1.20

What: Kallo vegetable stock cubes
Was/is: £1.60/£1.20

What: Kinnerton free from Easter egg and bar
Deal: 3 for £10.00, usually £5.00

What: Oat dream gluten free UHT 1 litre milk
Was/is: £1.38/£1.20

What: Rice dream vanilla UHT 1 litre milk
Was/is: £1.38/£1.20

What: Trek protein energy chunks single pack
Was/is: £1.20/0.99p

What: Simply 7 sea salt lentil crisps
Was/is: £1.90/£1.70

What: Almond dream blended with rice milk 1 litre UHT
Was/is: £1.50/£1.20


What: Alpro some fresh milks 1 litre (not coconut or soya see below)
Was/is: £1.77/£1.54
Until: 21/05/2017

What: Alpro UHT 1 litre milks (not soya, see below)
Was/is: £1.57/£1.25
Until: 30/04/2017

What: Alpro fresh coconut milk
Was/is: £1.77/£1.00
Until: 25/06/2017

What: Koko dairy free long life milk 1 litre
Was/is: £1.32/£1.25
Until: 30/04/2017

What: Good Hemp milk
Was/is: £1.48/£1.15
Until: 18/06/2017

What: Great food bites
Deal: 2 for £3.00, usually £2.74
Until: 18/04/2017

What: Alpro 4 pack yoghurts
Was/is: £1.84/£1.51
Until: 23/04/2017

What: Alpro fresh soya milk 1 litre
Was/is: £1.40/£1.00
Until: 30/04/2017

What: Alpro long life soya milk 1 litre
Deal: 3 for £3.00, usually £1.31-£1.37
Until: 18/04/2017

What: Pure spreads
Was/is: £1.50/£1.00
Until: 23/04/2017

What: Moo free eggs
Deal: 3 for £10.00, usually £4.00
Until: 18/04/2017

What: Original Source shower gel
Deal: 2 for £2.00
Until: 18.04/2017


What: Vita coco coconut oil
Was/is: £4.99/£4.00
Until: 09/04/2017

What: Alpro fresh roasted unsweetened/coconut 1 litre milk
Was/is: £1.80/£1.00
Until: 11/04/2017

What: Alpro yoghurts, including 500g tubs and dessert moments
Deal: 2 for £2.00, usually £1.50-£2.00 each
Until: 11/04/2017

What: Alpro fresh soya, hazelnut, almond, cashew, oat 1 litre milks
Deal: 2 for £2.00, usually £1.40-£1.80
Until: 11/04/2017

What: Alpro Go On yoghurts
Deal: 4 for £3.00, usually 0.85p
Until: 02/05/2017

What: Alpro fresh coconut cream alternative
Was/is: £1.50/£1.20
Until: 11/04/2017


What: Koko dairy free 1 litre milk
Was/is: £1.50/£1.20
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Almond breeze milks 1 litre
Was/is: £1.60/£1.25
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Alpro 500g yoghurts
Was/is: £1.60/£1.00
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Alpro soya original, vanilla and chocolate 1 litre
Was/is: £1.40/£1.00
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Vitalite dairy free spreads
Was/is: £1.20/£1.00
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Sunpat peanut butters 340g
Was/is: £2.10/£1.80
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Kallo vegetable stock cubes
Was/is: £1.60/£1.30
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Dorset cereals muesli
Was/is: £3.80/£3.00
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Alpro Go On yoghurts
Was/is: 0.90p/0.60p
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Koko dairy free fresh 1 litre milk
Was/is: £1.50/£1.30
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Goody Goody Stuff
Was/is: £1.55/£1.00
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Coconut collaborative 4 pack chocolate pots
Was/is: £2.50/£2.00
Until: 04/04/2017