Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Tesco toiletries marked vegan!


Yesterday I posted about Tesco now marking their toiletries if they're vegan (rejoice!) Well now I have a couple of pics to show what to look out for, plus info on their fixed cut off date for animal testing!

The 15p soap I mentioned looks like this:

And I have a couple of bath products too, which I believe were about 70/80p each.

Do share if you find any of their other products newly labelled!

Hope this helps!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Halloween treat ideas! (and maybe the odd trick...)

Hello! So Halloween is coming around and I thought you may like some little vegan treat tips!

Here's just a few sweet ideas which don't break the bank!

Love hearts: you can get mini packs of love hearts, such as here on amazon! 50 wrapped portions for £3.75 with free delivery LOVE HEARTS

Fizzers: Similarly, you can get 50 packs of 'fizzers' form the same place on Amazon for just £3 FIZZERS

Parma violets: Also available of Amazon for £3.09 for 50 PARMA VIOLETS

If these don't quite suit your plans, other ideas include:

Raspberry ruffles, available in places such as poundland or Asda, you can get a bag where each chocolate is individually wrapped! Here's the link for Asda, just £1 here too: RUFFLES

Or Tesco do a range of their own sweets, lots of which are vegan, 3 for £1 such as these Fizzy belts, strawberry lances and flying saucers. Just double check they're marked vegetarian and check for things such as beeswax (usually used if not fizzy).

Toffee apples: I get confused if these are for Halloween or Bonfire Night, so here's a recipe if you fancy making your own: TOFFEE APPLE RECIPE or if you buy them, Tesco have vegan ones for £1 or 2 for £1.50 TESCO TOFFEE APPLE.

Chocolate apples: Usually out the same time as toffee apples, chocolate apples are pretty popular! However not usually vegan in shops (boo!) so it might be fun if you want to make your own! Just melt your favourite vegan chocolate, stick a skewer in your apple, cover your apple in chocolate and whilst still melty, add toppings you like such as vegan mallows!

Trick: Ok, so I did say maybe the odd trick. I'm not suggesting you do this...I'm just putting it out there. If you're having a little party where tricks are being...tricked...maybe you could cover an onion in chocolate instead ;-)

Other nibbles:

Asda have released crumpets for just £1 for either 6 ghosts, or 6 pumpkins (they're just round with the brown bits cleverly placed, but for a pound I'm not complaining!). I love them!

Having a dress up where you need liquid latex for your look (for 'cuts and wounds' usually!) Revolution Pro have a vegan liquid latex for £2, also available at Superdrug! I believe casein is often used in this, which is why a vegan one can be hard to find! LIQUID LATEX. They also have FAKE BLOOD which they categorise as vegan.


It seems you can get a small pumpkin from about 75p this year. Some ideas of what to do (as well as carve it!) include toasting the pumpkin seeds/use them how you may choose to use raw seeds. You shouldn't eat the pumpkins you carve, however they are compostable and I'm sure animals would love them left out after Halloween has been and gone!

Have a spooky day! Hope this helps!

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Wilko's Eco Range!

Hello! It seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment that shops are releasing own brand Eco cleaning ranges (a trend I am very happy with!) with Wilko being the latest!

The prices of this new range seem pretty good though, with things like washing up liquid and cleaning sprays at £1 and 1.5L fabric detergents and conditioners for £3 (and more)! The range proudly states that it is vegan friendly, as well as non-harmful to aquatic life. The bottles are also 50% recycled materials, being 100% recyclable themselves.

See the full range here: Wilko Eco

Hope this helps!

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Plant milks!

Hello! Sorry it's been a while since I've written a proper blog post, but I'm back! Well, I've had a good idea for one! I was in Asda and noticed a 'new' own brand oat milk. So it got me thinking, where are the cheapest plant milks?! Well, hopefully this blog will answer it, and maybe a bit more. I'll be comparing the 4 main supermarkets of Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda, looking at soya, oat, almond, rice and coconut milk (plus some notable mentions). Tiny disclaimer in bold: I have not tried all the milks I'm suggesting. If there is vitamin D in the milk, I have done my best to check it is from vegan sources. Let's get to business!


Cheapest I've found: Tesco unsweetened Everyday Value longlife at 59p
                                Asda smartprice unsweetened longlife at 59p

Others to note: Morrisons do a sweetened and unsweetened longlife for 60p each.


Cheapest I've found: Asda's new own brand longlife oat milk at £1

Others to note: Alpro frequently have offers on oat milk, for example, when I made this post, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco had Alpro longlife oat milk for £1.


Cheapest I've found: Sainsburys longlife (both sweetened and unsweetened) at £1 permanently.
                                Asda have a variety of fresh and longlife, sweetened and unsweetened own brand                                        almond milk for £1
Others to note: Alpro is again often on offer, with Tesco selling the Alpro roasted almond longlife milk for £1 as I type this!


Cheapest I've found: There appears to surprisingly be no 'cheap' rice milk. However as I type this, Rice Dream is on offer for £1 in Morrisons and Alpro is £3 for 3 there too.


Cheapest I've found: Asda chilled free from coconut milk at 97p

Others to note: Tesco currently have Alpro longlife coconut milk for £1, (as do Sainsburys and Morrisons) and Koko dairy free chilled at £2 for 2. Morrisons also have Coconut dream for £1 and appear to sell fresh Alpro coconut milk for £1 all the time (not an offer price!).

Hope this helps a little. If anyone chooses to say 'veganism is so expensive!' feel free to point this blog at them, tapping the 59p soya milk, then staple a print out to their forehead. No don't. Please don't. ;-) 

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Oumph! on offer at Tesco!

Hello! The popular brand Oumph! which recently launched in Tesco is on offer! Until 25th June you can get the Kebab style, the chunk and the pulled for £2 instead of £3.49. This is both in store and online.

For online, just head here: Oumph!

Nice and simple. These might be good to stock up on ready for Summer, such as the pulled being added to a BBQ, or kebab being used for, well, kebabs!

Hope this helps!

Monday, 28 May 2018

Feed a family of 4 for under £5 - Mexican bean pie!

Hello! As part of my money saving ideas, here's a meal! I recommend making this the day after fajitas as any fajita mix left can go in the pie, as well as any left over wraps and dips being used! However, I've written this as if you haven't made fajitas last night!

Mexican bean pie ingredients (including the sides)

3 medium sweet potatoes - 35p each, so recommend buying a bag of them at £1 and having some for another meal.
Kidney beans in chilli sauce tin - 65p
Taco beans in tomato sauce - 65p     - These beans sometimes come up on offer at Tesco of 2 for £1.
Fajita spice mix (packet powder) - 60p (around 20p used in this meal) (not needed if you have fajita veg)
4 potatoes for chips - 33p each, so best buy a bag for £1.15. Or if you prefer, buy a bag of oven chips.
Tortilla chips - 46p for value which I like, they just are slightly more broken. Otherwise, around £1.

£4.11! (£4.65 with more expensive tortilla chips).

Peel, chop and boil the sweet potatoes. Whilst they're cooking, add the beans together in a dish you can add a top to, as well as about 1/3 of the spice mix. Mix these all together in the bowl. If you have left over fajita veg, add this to the beans instead of fajita mix. Once the potatoes are soft, mash them. Add the mash to the top of the beans to make a pie. Cook in the oven for around 20 minutes so it's all hot and bubbly. Whilst the pie is cooking. Cook your chips.

Once the pie is cooked, serve with chips and nachos. If you have left over wraps, I like to deep fry them in triangles for dipping in the pie. Otherwise the wraps can also be stuffed with the pie and chips.

Optional extras - I've had it with and without dips. The pie is saucy on it's own so whilst dips are nice, I don't think they are an absolute must.

Salsa - 80p
Oatly creamy oat fraiche (works well as a sour cream!) - £1.55

Here's a pic of the outcome (with dips) using deep fried wraps as I had fajitas yesterday! Sorry the photo is quite close!

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Vegan sandwich fillings!

Hello! It's British sandwich week, or something, and since it saves money to make your own, I thought I'd make a blog with lots of yummy fillings in case you get stuck for ideas! This may just end up looking like a list, but I'm hoping it may help someone who is sick of the same sandwich everyday to feel inspired! Pretty much all of these can go in bread, pittas or wraps. Another little tip, if you usually buy your sandwiches every day, each time you make your own, put the money you saved in a pot and soon you'll be motivated as you see how much your pot is growing!

My favourite- Breakfast sandwich. Inspired by my old McDonalds order, vegan sausage (cooked), seitan sliced as bacon, hash browns, a little houmous (I tried this once and love it, gives an eggy kind of texture to the sandwich), vegan cheese slice, ketchup. Cook it all and assemble without the top on, melting the vegan cheese on top to keep it all together. Let it cool before adding the houmous on the other slice of bread. This is delicious hot too without houmous, or you can eat it cold at work and have people question if it's vegan multiple times (can you tell what happened to me??)

Kebab sandwich We're lucky now to have an endless supply of mock kebab foods and they can make a delicious sandwich! you can use Oumph, Vivera, or just slice up some seitan, then I like to add red cabbage, spinach, onion, vegan mayo and a little hot sauce - I use the vegan Siriacha mayo that is becoming increasingly available in supermarkets (pic below). Also good with some fried mushrooms.

Image result for sriracha mayo

Houmous sandwich plus! I say plus because whilst houmous is the primary ingredient, I add lots to it. This consists of houmous, mayo, sliced tomato, spinach, olives (I use a mix of black and green), a little sliced onion and sweet chilli dipping sauce. Can also add falafel.

Chilli wraps This is a way to use up leftovers. Make a chilli to dinner one night and any left (including the rice if you have it and dips etc) and all just go in a wrap for lunch. I tuck in both ends and make more of a burrito shape if I'm taking it to work to try and reduce spillage.

Avocado, olive and toms pret style One of my favourite sandwiches to buy is Pret's avo, olives and toms. But it's expensive. So you can also make it at home! Slice some avocado and tomato, adding olives (I just use black for this) rocket (if you use rocket) and spinach, vegan mayo. Can go in a sandwich or if you want to full Pret experience, put it in a wholemeal roll.

This goes for most store bought sandwiches. If there is one you love and often buy, it's always worth having a go at making your own version at home if you have the time. This should save you money in the long run as you'll get far more ingredients for the cost of the £3+ sandwich!

Basic sausage and bean Again more to use up leftover beans. Cook some sausages and allow the beans and sausages to go cold as they stay in the sandwich better. put together and add your preferred sauce (I add BBQ to this). can also go in a wrap if you have any left from a meal.

Veggie burger I came to a revelation once that just because a burger is round doesn't mean I can't break it apart and make a sandwich, then I wondered why I was so slow to realise this. So anyway, just cook up you favourite veggie burger (I'm thinking vegetable based not mock meat, but either works). Add to spinach, onion, tomato and sauce (I use mayo...I use a lot of mayo).

Lasagne filling If you make lasagnes, it's worth saving a spoon or two of the filling for a sandwich for lunch the next day (as well as the cheese sauce). just add it to the bread and drizzle the cheesy sauce over it. Yummm.

Mexican bean This for me is more of a left over sandwich again. One meal I make it mexican bean pie, whereby I just by cans of taco beans and kidney beans in chilli sauce, add them together to a bowl and top with sweet potato mash, then cook. Any of this left over makes for an awesome sandwich the next day (especially if you add salsa!).

Mac and cheese sandwich Oh my! If you make your own mac and cheese and love some carbs, I love my mac and cheese either cold in a sandwich or hot in a toasted sandwich, with ketchup.

Bacon sandwich A basic one but something you might miss so I've added it for you to try. I use Love Seitan seitan cut into slices and fried until a little crispy. It's not bacony, but it sure is satisfying! Add your preferred sauce.

Pudding sandwich Yup. My version of this is Biscoff spread and banana, could also add a little grated chocolate Good on toast too if you want it warm and melty.

Hope this helps!