Monday, 30 October 2017

VBites reduced!

VBites have some lovely offers and packages (see further down for the winter warmer offer!) in their online store right now! This includes (deep breath in...):

Vegideli beef style strips now 50p
Gourmet burgers now £1.00
Fish style fingers now £1.00
Southern fried chicken style pieces now £1.00
Fish style cakes now £1.00

They all have a short shelf life (but perfectly fine to get them shipped to you still in date!) however they can all be frozen. Wahey!

VBites are also currently offering a lovely sounding 'winter warmer' pack for just £20.00. This includes blue style cheezly, mozzarella style cheezly, lincolnshire style sausages, chicken style pieces, beef style pieces, meat free meatballs, meat free mince, beef style pasties and a gammon style and leek quiche. Very nice!

VBites have a minimum order value of £15.00 and shipping costs range from £5.50 for orders up to £49.99, £3 for orders £50.00 to £99.99 or free for orders over £100. Please do consider this when placing an order! (Also for Saturday delivery it's £10).

Hope this helps!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Waitrose news!

Hello! Waitrose have released a whole new range of vegan (as part of vegetarian) foods! Some of this is currently on offer, so I'm telling you about it!

First, they've released Vivera products, which I believe was previously only easily accessible via Ocado. In my local store, this is on offer, with the pulled veggie and shawarma kebab packs going down to £2.24 from a previous price. However online it doesn't suggest this is a reduction. On Ocado the pulled veggie is £3.29 so this suggests it is a reduced price...Who knows?! Either way, it'll save money to not have to add it to a £40+ shop on Ocado, which is nice!

They also have some ready made meals available that are vegan. Woohoo! This includes a green thai curry (no fish involved, how awesome?!) and chilli made with soya mince. However these aren't on offer and feel quite pricey at £3.00, although not as bad as some, so I'll just leave this as a little side note.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tesco packet cheese sauce mix!

Hello! I'm back again with something that isn't an offer, but may help you to save money and still eat what you want (veganised, in this case!). Tesco recently released a free from cheese sauce packet mix. Not only is it milk free and egg free (it actually says vegan, wahey for clear labeling! However, this isn't online, it just says vegetarian there) but it's also gluten free.

This mix only costs 59p and just requires 200ml of plant milk to make it. However, I've tried a powder mix before that made my mouth want to run away from the taste, so I decided I'd try it out before I posted about it. I have now tried it. It's very acceptable! It's not as good as homemade cheese sauce, but it reminds me of nice packet mixes I used to eat before going to vegan, so I'm happy with it.

By costing just 59p, this means if you buy the cheapest pack of suitable pasta from Tesco (20/30p depending what type you buy) and add this, you can make a vegan mac and cheese for well under £1. I added salt and pepper to my sauce to make it just right for me. If you want to push it further, I also added VBites chorizo which was going out of date on the day I purchased it from Holland and Barrett, meaning I only paid 82p for it. You could also add some veg, such as cauliflower, broccoli, peas or spinach if you want to add something healthy but still keep it at a reasonable price.

Here's what to look out for. In my Tesco it was in the free from section.

Hope this helps!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Frys Ocado offer!

Hello! Frys is on offer at Ocado again. Yay! This deal is a particularly good one too. Most of their products are currently half price, meaning they are under £2 a box (except the country roast which is more expensive to begin with). This offer seems to happen twice a year, so now would be an excellent time to stock up ready for Christmas.

This offer is available until 31/10/2017, however stock keeps selling out, so if you see all of your favourites in stock it's worth getting your order in! Don't forget to consider postage if you don't have a voucher which makes this free.

Just head here to see what's on offer:

Ocado also have lots of offers available, particularly for first time shoppers, both on their site and from places such as, so have a quick look to see if there is an offer that suits you!

Hope this helps!

Follow Your Heart has landed!!

Hello! If you haven't heard, Follow Your Heart now has 3 products in Sainsburys! Yaaaaay! It is their original vegenaise, honey mustard dressing and caesar dressing.

You may be thinking 'how is this saving me money you mad magpie??' Well, 2 ways! Firstly, I know a large number of people travel to get their jars of vegenaise. With it being in a major supermarket, this could save a lot of time and money in travel. Secondly, the jar is only £2.50! The two dressings are £3.25. Considerably cheaper than some places.
However, I appreciate that people like to support their local independent stores, this is just for information for those who would like to buy it from a supermarket.

This news was first released by blogger Fat Gay Vegan, you can see his post here:

I don't believe there is currently a list of stores that stock them, but as soon as there is, I'll update this post as quickly as possible!  Here's the store list (thanks again to Fat Gay Vegan!):

If you can't find it in your shop (it should be in the fridge section with their vegan cheeses), try asking the customer service desk as they can look up when it should be coming in or if it's out the back of the store and not yet on the shelves.

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Love Seitan offer!

Hello! Lovely new company Love Seitan are running an offer on half blocks of their seitan. You can pick from 5 different flavours and get 2 half blocks for just £12.95. The weight is 800g. The offer is on until Friday, so be quick if you want some seitan!

Just head here: and place the two flavours you want in your basket.

What's more! There is FREE SHIPPING!! I love those words.

Hope this helps!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Animal Aid Sale Items!

Hello! The wonderful charity Animal Aid has an online shop full of delicious and useful things, including household and toiletries. At the moment they have a few lovely things reduced, including Pernigotti bars, Booja Booja truffles and a variety of toiletries.

To find all the sale items, just click here:

There are postage costs, with orders under £15 costing £2.50 postage. However by buying from Animal Aid you're also supporting a great charity!

Hope this helps!