Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tesco packet cheese sauce mix!

Hello! I'm back again with something that isn't an offer, but may help you to save money and still eat what you want (veganised, in this case!). Tesco recently released a free from cheese sauce packet mix. Not only is it milk free and egg free (it actually says vegan, wahey for clear labeling! However, this isn't online, it just says vegetarian there) but it's also gluten free.

This mix only costs 59p and just requires 200ml of plant milk to make it. However, I've tried a powder mix before that made my mouth want to run away from the taste, so I decided I'd try it out before I posted about it. I have now tried it. It's very acceptable! It's not as good as homemade cheese sauce, but it reminds me of nice packet mixes I used to eat before going to vegan, so I'm happy with it.

By costing just 59p, this means if you buy the cheapest pack of suitable pasta from Tesco (20/30p depending what type you buy) and add this, you can make a vegan mac and cheese for well under £1. I added salt and pepper to my sauce to make it just right for me. If you want to push it further, I also added VBites chorizo which was going out of date on the day I purchased it from Holland and Barrett, meaning I only paid 82p for it. You could also add some veg, such as cauliflower, broccoli, peas or spinach if you want to add something healthy but still keep it at a reasonable price.

Here's what to look out for. In my Tesco it was in the free from section.

Hope this helps!

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