Friday, 9 March 2018

Plamil Easter Hampers!

Hello! Popular vegan company Plamil (who make chocolate, mayo and more!) have made up some lovely looking Easter hampers filled with their delicious treats. Just head here to see all of their products: Plamil Easter

They have 3 hampers on offer at £25.00 each (saving roughly £5 per hamper) with different items in each. This price means they also qualify for...wait for it...FREE SHIPPING!

Hamper 1:

12 items including 2 chocolate bars, 2 Easter eggs (no box, just wrapped in foil), a box of mini half eggs (you could wrap these in foil yourself to extra egg hunting!), 6 Easter bunnies and a bigger bag of half eggs: Hamper 1

No Added Sugar Easter Hamper

Hamper 2:

12 items also, however a simpler one designed for an Easter hunt including 6 eggs and 6 bunny bars: Hamper 2

No Added Sugar Easter Hunt Hamper

Hamper 3:

This is an organic hamper, with 9 items including 1 Easter egg, a small box of mini half eggs, chocolate spread jar, 4 different chocolate bars, a bunny bar and a larger bag of half eggs: Hamper 3

Easter Organic Hamper

They also currently have a case of 22 no added sugar bunny bars for just £5! However bear in mind that if you only buy these, you will also be charged shipping: Bunny bars

Whilst there are cheaper brands out there, these hampers provide a nice range which could be split up, particularly hamper 2, if you have a large family or wish to buy eggs for many people.

Hope this helps!

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