Friday, 16 March 2018

Frozen vegetable joy!

Hello! I don't know how well known this is, so I've decided to write a post about it so everyone definitely knows! If you're keen on veg and have a nice sized freezer, you could save money (and reduce potential food waste) by buying frozen veg instead! I appreciate this isn't for everyone (as this may mean more plastic for some people), and the savings may vary seasonally, but I hope it might at least help a fair few people to save some money but still eat a good, nutritious meal.

A few examples (using Tesco prices)where you can save money include:

Mini corn on the cobs: Frozen - £1.30 for 6 (roughly), Fresh - £1.50 for 4
Chopped/whole leeks: Frozen - £1.00 for 700g (1.43 per kg), Fresh - £2.00 per kg
Broccoli: Frozen florets - £1.10 (1.23 per kg), Fresh - £1.57 per kg
Mushrooms: Frozen slices - £1.00 (£2.00 per kg), Fresh whole mushrooms - £2.27 per kg of the cheapest available
Courgettes: Frozen chopped - £1.00 (£1.43 per kg), Fresh unchopped - £1.98 per kg of cheapest available
Plus of course, peas!

Not all veg works out cheaper though, often the veg that has been prepared such as diced onions or peeled shallots come out more expensive than their fresh alternative.

This is just a few options available and doesn't include the various mixed frozen bags of which one pack can all go into a casserole for £1.10 for a kg (carrot, swede, turnip, celery and onion).

All you need to do is keep an eye on the price per kg to work out which is the better value at the time. Whilst I'm not sure I'd advise that this frozen veg can be used for meals where the vegetable is the main part of the meal (like a roast), they can certainly go in meals such as casseroles (as above), soups, risottos, pasta sauces etc. This might be a great plan for those of you who use a slow cooker! It has even been studied that frozen veg is as equally nutritious (if not more) than fresh, so long as it's frozen soon after harvest.

Hope this helps!

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