Monday, 20 March 2017

Weekly roundup! 20/03/2017

Hello! Here's this week's roundup, with fancy colour coding (ooOOoo!)

Other chilled
Store cupboard
Sweet treats
Bath and body products

Asda (no end dates still, sorry)

What: Quorn soups

Was/is: £2.25/£1.75

What: Alpro UHT milks including 1+

Deal: 4 for £4.00, usually £1.29-£1.40

What: Original Source shower gels

Deal: 2 for £2.00, usually £1.50

What: Koko dairy free 2 pack yoghurts

Was/is: £1.25/£1.00

What: Meridian 454g peanut butters (smooth and crunchy)

Was/is: £3.00/£2.00

What: Alpro plain with almond 500g yoghurt

Was/is: £1.80/£1.00

What: Amy's kitchen organic hearty french country vegetable soup

Was/is: £1.80/£1.50

What: Koko dairy free 500g plain yoghurt

Was/is: £1.85/£1.30

What: Fabulous Free From Factory chocolate covered raisins

Was/is: £1.20/0.95p

What: Fabulous Free From Factory fudge

Was/is: £1.80/£1.40

What: Amy's organic hearty rustic italian vegetable soup

Was/is: £1.80/£1.50


What: Alpro long life 1 litre milks (not fresh almond, see next item)

Was/is: £1.54-£1.57/£1.25
Until: 26/03/2017

What: Alpro fresh almond 1 litre milk

Was/is: £1.77/£1.54
Until: 02/04/2017

What: Alpro no bits yoghurts

Was/is: £1.84/£1.51
Until: 23/04/2017

What: Koko dairy free 1 litre UHT milk

Was/is: £1.32/£1.25
Until: 30/04/2017

What: Oatly foamable

Was/is: £1.77/£1.60
Until: 26/03/2017

What: Oatly regular, chocolate, organic

Was/is: £1.36/£1.28
Until: 02/04/2017

What: Dream milks

Was/is: £1.38/£1.20
Until: 26/03/2017

What: Lazy days slices (not the new shortbread!)

Was/is: £2.00/£1.85
Until: 26/03/2017

What: Pure spread

Was/is: £1.50/£1.00
Until: 23/04/2017

What: Great food bites

Deal: 2 for £3.00, usually £2.74 each
Until: 18/04/2017

What: Vimto jellys

Deal: 5 for £2.00, usually 50p each
Until: 21/03/2017

What: Moo Free eggs

Deal: 3 for £10.00, usually £4.00 each
Until: 18/04/2017

What: Original source shower gels

Deal: 2 for £2.00, usually £1.62
Until: 21/03/2017

What: Sunpat peanut butters smooth and crunchy 454g

Was/is: £2.78/£2.00
Until: 21/03/2017


What: Pulsin 3 pack bars

Was/is: £2.99/£1.99
Until: 28/03/2017

What: Tesco meat free mince

Deal: 2 for £2.50, usually £1.75
Until: 10/04/2017

What: Coconut collaborative yoghurts

Was/is: £1.50/£1.00
Until: 21/03/2017

What: Alpro fresh coconut cream alternative

Was/is: £1.50/£1.20
Until: 11/04/2017

I have looked high and low and this is all I can find!


What: Koko dairy free 1 litre UHT milk, original and light

Was/is: £1.50/£1.20
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Alpro yoghurt alternative 500g, various flavours

Was/is: £1.60/£1.00
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Blue diamond milks

Was/is: £1.65/£1.25
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Alpro soya long life 1 litre milks, chocolate, vanilla and original

Was/is: £1.40
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Sunpat peanut butters 340g crunchy and smooth

Was/is: £2.10/£1.80
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Alpro Go On yoghurts, blackcurrant and passionfruit

Was/is: 0.90p/0.60p
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Koko dairy free fresh 1 litre

Was/is: £1.50/£1.20
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Goody Good Stuff cola, gummy bears and sour mix and match

Was/is: £1.55/£1.00
Until: 04/04/2017

What: Coconut collaborative chocolate pot 4 pack

Was/is: £2.50
Until: 04/04/2017

Not much this week...However it seems most milks are on an offer. Woohoo!

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