Monday, 6 March 2017

Festivals (including Vegfest Brighton)

Hello! It's coming up to one of the bigger vegan festivals of the year, Vegfest Brighton! Festivals are a great place to stock up on your favourites at cheaper prices and Vegfest tend to put a lot (not all!) of the offers in their programme. This is available here:

Some notable stalls providing offers are Besos De Oro, Butcherless (also known as Sgaia Mheats), Ethicoco, The Coconut Collaborative and Vegusto.

Festivals not only provide offers but give people the chance to buy things you can only easily get online, meaning you save money from the deals but also from not paying postage. So if you like Vegusto sausages but dislike postage, buy 100 packs here! (Maybe not that many...).

A few of my festival tips are:

  • Bring backpacks, even small suitcases depending on what you want to buy. Things get heavy, especially milks/jars of mayo/too many sausages, so it's much better to pack it into a back pack of wheelable suitcase. If you choose a suitcase, it's a good idea to buy the heavy things first, then put the cases away into the cloakroom and enjoy your day bag free!
  • Make a list of what you want before you go. Obviously you'll want to see every stall (and sample every type of chocolate going), but by making a list you can make sure you get the lovely items you want easier.
  • Check the online prices of things you want before you go. Usually everything is cheaper at a festival, but you may find there is no price difference or may even be a little more expensive. So by having an idea in your head of what's good value, you can spend more sensibly. 
  • Try and get there early! I always aim to get there for when the festivals open so that I can walk round the stalls a little easier before it gets too busy (which is also a little nicer for everyone if you do bring a suitcase). 
  • Obviously, enjoy every bit! See something you like the look of. Try it! Want to eat (another) box of mac and cheese, go for it! The great thing about vegan festivals is that you can try everything (as a vegan, sorry if you have allergies), so have fun with it!
My weekly supermarket round up will be up by the end of the day :-)

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