Monday, 1 January 2018

Pulsin Veganuary bundles!

Hello! It's Veganuary! Yay! Good luck to everyone going vegan this year.

Pulsin are sponsors of Veganuary and this year have 2 very helpful bundles available to buy.

The first is a small bundle containing 2 brownies, 2 protein bars, 2 beond bars, 2 porridge bars and a 'kids' fruity oat bar, as well as a small sachet of protein powder and a recipe book. This is just £7.99 and includes FREE SHIPPING! Woohoo!

The second is a mega bundle containing *deep breath in*: 1kg pea protein, 12 protein bars, 12 choc brownies, 12 porridge oat bars, 16 beond bars, 3 'kids' fruity bars multipacks (so 15 bars) and the recipe booklet. This is all £45 again with free postage. WOW!

Just head here to buy you bundle:

Hope this helps!

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