Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Aldi veg offer!

Hello! Not only do Tesco have their festive 5 offer on, but now Aldi also have a super 6 Christmas veg offer! The veg included is:

Brussel sprouts 500g bag for 19p
Carrots 1kg bag 19p
Parsnips 600g bag 19p
Broccoli 19p
Maris Piper 2.5kg bag 28p
Swede 28p

This offer is available from today (20th) until the 31st December. Good for New Year too then! There is different veg available that may suit you better than Tesco, plus you may be a regular shopper of Aldi so this offer will help more! Plus saving lots of 10 pences builds up!

Hope this helps!

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