Friday, 1 December 2017

Advent offers and competitions!

Hello! Now that we've had the first day of December, I have seen that a fair few vegan brands appear to be offering either a competition a day or an offer a day for advent (24 days) or for 12 days of Christmas. I won't be able to find them all, but I recommend if you have preferred brands, check out their social media to see if they're promoting anything. As an example I've found the following:

  • Vegan tuck box on instagram have an offer a a day
  • White rabbit skincare also have an offer a day on social media
  • Vegan life magazine have a competition a day which they advertise on social media (here is the link for today, 2nd December
This is just three as an example, but this could be a good way to save on a purchase you already want, or have a little fun and win something lovely! It's not just for vegan items either, this is common for many companies to do at this time of year! 

Hope this helps! 

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