Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Pizza Express have vegan cheese! Here's some offers.

Hello! If you hadn't heard, Pizza Express officially released their vegan cheese option today, as well as a specifically vegan pizza! Woohoo! The cheese can replace any cheese on any pizza, so this make some of the vegetarian choices vegan too. Being so accessible to so many towns and cities, this is a lovely move by Pizza Express. Anyway, I'm not here to review lovely, delicious, yummy pizza (it's really really good!) I'm here to tell you what deals you can get when eating it, making it twice as nice!

To find 2 of the offers I am about to discuss, just go here: https://www.pizzaexpress.com/offers and enter the Pizza Express you want to go to. Then choose your deal, enter your details and take your code with you to get your offer.

Offer 1: 25% off all food! This offer is until 22nd June so you don't have long, however it's the only one that you can use for collection orders too (not delivery though, such as from Deliveroo or Just Eat).

Offer 2: Starter and a main for £10.95. This is eat in only and is on until 25th June. You can get doughballs as the vegan starter option (ask for no butter and an oil instead, e.g. garlic oil, chilli oil, balsamic...) plus the vegan pizza (or any classic or leggera pizza).

BONUS OFFERS! Don't forget Pizza Express is part of Tesco clubcard boost too! To learn about this head here: http://theveganmagpieuk.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/clubcard-vouchers.html this can provide you with 4 times the amount your voucher is worth, plus the voucher is free in the first place. Woohoo! This is probably the best option depending on how many vouchers you have as it could make your meal entirely free if you choose water as a drink.

Plus Nectar Cards also have the option to buy Pizza Express vouchers. Head here for more info: https://www.nectar.com/brands/pizzaexpress 

Hope this helps!

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