Thursday, 1 June 2017

Alpro Ice Cream Offer!

Hello! A little birdy told me (thank you!) about a particularly good offer on Alpro ice cream that is available at Asda at the moment! All of their ice creams are down to just £2.00, making them cheaper than Swedish Glace. Yum!

Asda don't seem to provide an end date for offers, so now would be a good time to try them or stock up if you've already tasted the deliciousness. Since it says rollback, I would think that the offer will be around for at least another week (don't hold me to that though).

Asda also have a few other vegan offers at the moment, such as on Alpro milks (4 for £4) so it'd be well worth having a look around whilst your buying ice cream!

I very much appreciate people alerting me to offers, so feel free to let me know if your spot any good deals!

Hope this helps!

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