Sunday, 26 February 2017

Clubcard Vouchers

Do you buy a lot from Tesco? Did you know you can quadruple your voucher value to buy yummy vegan food in certain restaurants??

Very simply go here: and find the restaurant that you want to eat at.Then choose how much you want in vouchers (multiples of £10), put them in your basket and checkout! You'll need at least £2.50 in vouchers to get £10. If you buy too many for your meal you don't have to use them all, however change isn't given so say you buy £50 and only spend £41, it'll be better to only use £40 (tell your server to only use £40) and keep £10 for another day.

You get your restaurant vouchers buy email in multiples of £20s and £10s depending on how much you've bought within half an hour (unless stated otherwise).

These are available for: Zizzi (yay!), Ask and Bella Italia, which all have a vegan menu, plus many other places such as Pizza Express. You can't use other vouchers and on special days (such as Mother's Day) they aren't always allowed, so please check the Ts and Cs before you buy them!

So just to confirm, use £2.50 in clubcard vouchers for every £10 of restaurant vouchers.

Top Tip: I know of a few people who save their vouchers for Christmas. If you keep a pot and pay into it the same value as the vouchers you've used to boost you can eat with 75% off AND have money saving up for Christmas. Win win!

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