Sunday, 26 February 2017

Amazon Oatly

Amazon have Oatly Foamable, a favourite for hot drinks, on their subscribe and save. This makes them around £1.58 if you don't use subscribe and save for many items and get 5% off, or as low as £1.42 per carton if you subscribe to enough items to get 15%. You buy a 6 pack each time so spend £9.50 (5% off price)/£8.50 (15% off price) per order.

Even with 5% off it's cheaper than in stores (usually around £1.80) so if you use Foamable enough to buy 6 cartons every so often, this is a nice little offer. 

Just go here:

With subscribe and save you can choose how often you have deliveries and can cancel a delivery for a month or so if your getting a bit overstocked on items. Plus you can cancel. 

Please check the prices are right for you before you purchase! Thanks :-)

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