Sunday, 7 October 2018

Halloween treat ideas! (and maybe the odd trick...)

Hello! So Halloween is coming around and I thought you may like some little vegan treat tips!

Here's just a few sweet ideas which don't break the bank!

Love hearts: you can get mini packs of love hearts, such as here on amazon! 50 wrapped portions for £3.75 with free delivery LOVE HEARTS

Fizzers: Similarly, you can get 50 packs of 'fizzers' form the same place on Amazon for just £3 FIZZERS

Parma violets: Also available of Amazon for £3.09 for 50 PARMA VIOLETS

If these don't quite suit your plans, other ideas include:

Raspberry ruffles, available in places such as poundland or Asda, you can get a bag where each chocolate is individually wrapped! Here's the link for Asda, just £1 here too: RUFFLES

Or Tesco do a range of their own sweets, lots of which are vegan, 3 for £1 such as these Fizzy belts, strawberry lances and flying saucers. Just double check they're marked vegetarian and check for things such as beeswax (usually used if not fizzy).

Toffee apples: I get confused if these are for Halloween or Bonfire Night, so here's a recipe if you fancy making your own: TOFFEE APPLE RECIPE or if you buy them, Tesco have vegan ones for £1 or 2 for £1.50 TESCO TOFFEE APPLE.

Chocolate apples: Usually out the same time as toffee apples, chocolate apples are pretty popular! However not usually vegan in shops (boo!) so it might be fun if you want to make your own! Just melt your favourite vegan chocolate, stick a skewer in your apple, cover your apple in chocolate and whilst still melty, add toppings you like such as vegan mallows!

Trick: Ok, so I did say maybe the odd trick. I'm not suggesting you do this...I'm just putting it out there. If you're having a little party where tricks are being...tricked...maybe you could cover an onion in chocolate instead ;-)

Other nibbles:

Asda have released crumpets for just £1 for either 6 ghosts, or 6 pumpkins (they're just round with the brown bits cleverly placed, but for a pound I'm not complaining!). I love them!

Having a dress up where you need liquid latex for your look (for 'cuts and wounds' usually!) Revolution Pro have a vegan liquid latex for £2, also available at Superdrug! I believe casein is often used in this, which is why a vegan one can be hard to find! LIQUID LATEX. They also have FAKE BLOOD which they categorise as vegan.


It seems you can get a small pumpkin from about 75p this year. Some ideas of what to do (as well as carve it!) include toasting the pumpkin seeds/use them how you may choose to use raw seeds. You shouldn't eat the pumpkins you carve, however they are compostable and I'm sure animals would love them left out after Halloween has been and gone!

Have a spooky day! Hope this helps!

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