Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Vegan sandwich fillings!

Hello! It's British sandwich week, or something, and since it saves money to make your own, I thought I'd make a blog with lots of yummy fillings in case you get stuck for ideas! This may just end up looking like a list, but I'm hoping it may help someone who is sick of the same sandwich everyday to feel inspired! Pretty much all of these can go in bread, pittas or wraps. Another little tip, if you usually buy your sandwiches every day, each time you make your own, put the money you saved in a pot and soon you'll be motivated as you see how much your pot is growing!

My favourite- Breakfast sandwich. Inspired by my old McDonalds order, vegan sausage (cooked), seitan sliced as bacon, hash browns, a little houmous (I tried this once and love it, gives an eggy kind of texture to the sandwich), vegan cheese slice, ketchup. Cook it all and assemble without the top on, melting the vegan cheese on top to keep it all together. Let it cool before adding the houmous on the other slice of bread. This is delicious hot too without houmous, or you can eat it cold at work and have people question if it's vegan multiple times (can you tell what happened to me??)

Kebab sandwich We're lucky now to have an endless supply of mock kebab foods and they can make a delicious sandwich! you can use Oumph, Vivera, or just slice up some seitan, then I like to add red cabbage, spinach, onion, vegan mayo and a little hot sauce - I use the vegan Siriacha mayo that is becoming increasingly available in supermarkets (pic below). Also good with some fried mushrooms.

Image result for sriracha mayo

Houmous sandwich plus! I say plus because whilst houmous is the primary ingredient, I add lots to it. This consists of houmous, mayo, sliced tomato, spinach, olives (I use a mix of black and green), a little sliced onion and sweet chilli dipping sauce. Can also add falafel.

Chilli wraps This is a way to use up leftovers. Make a chilli to dinner one night and any left (including the rice if you have it and dips etc) and all just go in a wrap for lunch. I tuck in both ends and make more of a burrito shape if I'm taking it to work to try and reduce spillage.

Avocado, olive and toms pret style One of my favourite sandwiches to buy is Pret's avo, olives and toms. But it's expensive. So you can also make it at home! Slice some avocado and tomato, adding olives (I just use black for this) rocket (if you use rocket) and spinach, vegan mayo. Can go in a sandwich or if you want to full Pret experience, put it in a wholemeal roll.

This goes for most store bought sandwiches. If there is one you love and often buy, it's always worth having a go at making your own version at home if you have the time. This should save you money in the long run as you'll get far more ingredients for the cost of the £3+ sandwich!

Basic sausage and bean Again more to use up leftover beans. Cook some sausages and allow the beans and sausages to go cold as they stay in the sandwich better. put together and add your preferred sauce (I add BBQ to this). can also go in a wrap if you have any left from a meal.

Veggie burger I came to a revelation once that just because a burger is round doesn't mean I can't break it apart and make a sandwich, then I wondered why I was so slow to realise this. So anyway, just cook up you favourite veggie burger (I'm thinking vegetable based not mock meat, but either works). Add to spinach, onion, tomato and sauce (I use mayo...I use a lot of mayo).

Lasagne filling If you make lasagnes, it's worth saving a spoon or two of the filling for a sandwich for lunch the next day (as well as the cheese sauce). just add it to the bread and drizzle the cheesy sauce over it. Yummm.

Mexican bean This for me is more of a left over sandwich again. One meal I make it mexican bean pie, whereby I just by cans of taco beans and kidney beans in chilli sauce, add them together to a bowl and top with sweet potato mash, then cook. Any of this left over makes for an awesome sandwich the next day (especially if you add salsa!).

Mac and cheese sandwich Oh my! If you make your own mac and cheese and love some carbs, I love my mac and cheese either cold in a sandwich or hot in a toasted sandwich, with ketchup.

Bacon sandwich A basic one but something you might miss so I've added it for you to try. I use Love Seitan seitan cut into slices and fried until a little crispy. It's not bacony, but it sure is satisfying! Add your preferred sauce.

Pudding sandwich Yup. My version of this is Biscoff spread and banana, could also add a little grated chocolate Good on toast too if you want it warm and melty.

Hope this helps!

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