Friday, 9 February 2018

Vegan festival tips!

EDIT: for London Vegfest here is the exhibitor list with some offers each stall is doing:

Here's a few of my tips to make the most of vegan festivals. Often stalls have particularly good offers, or they are companies which may usually be hard to purchase from, so festivals are a great place to try new products, as well as save money from offers and no postage costs! 
  • Bring backpacks, even small suitcases depending on what you want to buy. Things get heavy, especially milks/jars of mayo/too many sausages, so it's much better to pack it into a back pack of wheelable suitcase. If you choose a suitcase, it's a good idea to buy the heavy things first, then put the cases away into the cloakroom and enjoy your day bag free (plus it gets busy so it's nice for others too)!
  • Bring tupperware! This helps the planet as it means the stalls with food don't have to use their own packaging for things you want to eat. Often these are biodegradable such as using Vegware or cardboard boxes, but it's still better not to use anything single use at all. HOWEVER! The other benefit is if you see lots you want to try but you're full up, you can easily take it home for next day's meal (...or breakfast). I do this everywhere I go and no one has minded one bit, most stalls appreciate it and some even give me a little something extra!
  • Make a list of what you want before you go. Obviously you'll want to see every stall (and sample every type of chocolate and cheese going), but by making a list you can make sure you get the lovely items you want easier.
  • Check the online prices of things you want before you go. Usually everything is cheaper at a festival, but you may find there is no price difference or may even be a little more expensive. So by having an idea in your head of what's good value, you can spend more sensibly. 
  • Try and get there early! I always aim to get there for when the festivals open so that I can walk round the stalls a little easier before it gets too busy (which is also a little nicer for everyone if you do bring a suitcase). 
  • Obviously, enjoy every bit! See something you like the look of. Try it! Want to eat (another) box of mac and cheese, go for it! 
  • If you're around late on the last day (Sunday usually) often things get reduced as companies don't want to or can't take stock home, so have another look around to see if your favourites are further reduced. I've known some popular brands being given away for free at one event!

Hope this helps!

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