Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tyne Chease offer!

Hello! Luxury nut cheese makers Tyne Chease have an offer running at the moment which may be good for certain festivities coming up which I won't mention again yet...

Tyne Chease are definitely premium chease makers and as such, this may not be the cheapest offer I've ever shared with you. But they are also lovely and popular, so I feel many of you would want to know about this!

For a Limited time, you can buy a trio giftset for £20.00 instead of £24.85! This features their smoked, cashew truffle and Ethiopian spice varieties. They can be frozen where they last for 3 months, otherwise they will last 1 month when refrigerated. There is postage to consider, for me in England, with just the trio giftset, it was estimated at £3.40. So I guess in a way you can consider this offer free postage plus a little off which is nice!

Just head here for this set:

As another little note, they also have a lovely selection box for £18.95 which has mini 20g portions of 10 types of chease. Depending on why you would like some, this may be a more suitable option for you!

Hope this helps!

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