Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Useful loyalty cards!

Hello! I thought I'd write a little post all about the useful loyalty cards I know of which can help save money.

Tesco Clubcard: As you may already know, I love clubcard vouchers. See the benefits here: http://theveganmagpieuk.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/clubcard-vouchers.html
It's very simple to get points, just by shopping in Tesco. Plus if you have a debit or credit card with Tesco, you can get more points instore, plus points when you shop elsewhere. So technically, you can go and eat in Zizzi, pay with your debit/credit card, get points to go towards your next meal, eat free! Woohoo!

Nectar card: Again, this is mainly with a supermarket, this time Sainsburys. You get points for shopping and can spend them on shopping purchases as well as restaurants, including Pizza Express.

Superdrug Beautycard: Collect points by shopping in Superdrug, who have a vast range of own brand, vegan labelled, cruelty free products (really worth a look if you didn't know this!). They'll also send you exclusive deals and offers which will give you more points (I got an extra 500 points for any purchase once, which equals £5.00). You an then spend these on your favourite vegan products there! They build up quite quickly too if you use Superdrug as your main place for toiletries/cosmetics. Yay!

Body Shop Love Your Body card: This works like the others, buy products you like and gather points. The good one about this though is if you buy just one product before your birthday, they'll send you a £5.00 voucher, no minimum spend. This is a great bonus if you have a favourite item you buy even once a year!

A lot of independent stores also have loyalty schemes and cards, such as my favourite bubble tea shop has a stamp card, as does my doughnut shop. It's always worth asking as they worst they'll do is say 'no', but it may put a thought into their mind. Win win for everyone!

Remember not to get wrapped up in all the fancy deals unless you actually need the products on offer! Hope this has helped. Please let me know if I've missed any good cards.

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